What is Tasting in the Dark?

Tasting in the Dark is a highly customized, truly blindfolded, experience created by Hoby where guests are allowed to explore the world through their non-visual senses and pay attention to details that they never knew existed. Guests are blindfolded for about an hour and engage in great conversation where we focus our minds on the discussion that Hoby leads. Then, we use different aromas to build our aromatic vocabularies which come in handy when tasting. We conclude with an educational and entertaining tasting of any food and drink.

We use our eyesight to take in between 85—90% of our surroundings. Therefore, we have four additional perfectly good senses that we only use to obtain 10-15% of information. Tasting in the Dark allows us to experience the world for a short time without the distraction of eyesight. The main outcome is an attention to detail that people have never experienced. Additionally, people gain a tremendous understanding of product aroma or flavor which can help immensely in making key decisions.

Tasting in the Dark is for anyone interested in better understanding product and experiencing the world from an entirely new lens. It is great for product suppliers, buyers, for sales teams who need to convert a potential buyer, and even for consumers.

We hardly scratched the surface on the value of Tasting in the Dark. Join me on the journey of Tasting in the Dark.